In addition to writing, I offer editing services to authors and writers. The following are projects that I edited:

War Virgin – A hilarious, shocking, tell-all memoir about Laura Westley’s journey of repression, temptation and liberation at West Point Military Academy and the Iraq war.

As the editor and ghostwriter of War Virgin, a sexual coming-of-age memoir set at West Point Military Academy and the Iraq War, I helped the author transform a collection of individual essays into a powerful completed book through extensive interviews, research, and developmental analysis. I fact-checked, structured and revised over 100,000 words of copy.

Modern Loss essays – Candid conversation about grief.

My 6 Years of Anticipatory Grief – Hannah Barrett

Scarlett O’Hara, Grief Counselor – Hilarie Ashton

Coming Out of the Grief Closet – Erica Goldblatt Hyatt

The End of my Self-Pity Party – Michael Cohen

Close to the Clouds – Sarah Kilch Gaffney

Not Set in Stone – Kate Bigam

Store Credit – Lisa Schamess

Wish You Were Here – Andrea Meyer